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Discounted Ivory Corded Lace – Keeley (3 metre Piece)

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Keeley is a spectacular ivory lace that measures 129cms (51") wide with a background pattern, exhibiting a variety of different weaves, both open and dense. There is delicate use of a fine cording  around the edge of the leaf motifs and much heavier boucle style edging around the flowers. The designer has also added beads and pearls throughout the design, mainly in the flowers, which add a certain glamour to this lace.

Both borders have a 8mm (1/3") fringe and are symmetrical. There are small flowers running parallel to the border with are embellished with small spherical and tubular beads.
Keeley Lace is available either in 3 metre lengths or by your cut (designated) length.  Full pieces are 3 metres so orders in excess of this quantity will be supplied in more than one piece. 


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