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Discounted Ivory Corded Lace – Alice (3 metres)

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Alice is a relatively pale ivory lace with a delicate raschel design running through the body. Inter­con­necting flowers are embellished with ivory cording, which results in a firm but light weight handle. There is a interesting variety of weaves used throughut the pattern, which are best explained picturially - have a look at the image or order a sample please.

Each motif in the body of the lace measures 15.5cms (6") tall. The borders are only 9.5cms (3.7") deep. This means that one of the borders could be removed for use under the bust and still allow a good length drop.

Both edges are scalloped and fringed symmet­ric­ally and this product measures 142cms (56") wide.
Alice Lace Fabric is available in 3 metre pieces or by your designated cut length.  Full pieces are 3 metres so orders in excess of this quantity will be supplied in more than one piece. 


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